ICCP450/JSSX 2023予定プログラム



  • 17:50開会式
  • 18:00特別講演1
  • 19:15〜20:45ウェルカムレセプション


  • 9:00〜11:00シンポジウム1〜5
  • 11:15〜12:15ポスター発表(1)
  • 12:30〜13:30ランチョンセミナー
  • 13:45〜15:45シンポジウム6〜10
  • 16:00〜18:30大会特別企画(大村恒雄先生追悼プレナリーシンポジウム)


  • 9:00〜11:00シンポジウム11〜14
  • 11:15〜12:15ランチョンセミナー
  • 12:30〜13:30ポスター発表(2)
  • 午後エクスカーション(希望者のみ)、企業若手研究者交流会、教育セッション
  • 18:00〜20:00懇親会(ホテルグランヒルズ静岡)


  • 9:00〜11:00シンポジウム15〜19
  • 11:15〜12:15ポスター発表(3)
  • 12:30〜13:30ランチョンセミナー
  • 13:45〜14:45特別講演2
  • 15:00〜17:00シンポジウム20〜23


  • 9:00〜11:00シンポジウム24〜28
  • 11:15〜12:15特別講演3
  • 12:30〜13:30ランチョンセミナー
  • 13:45〜15:45シンポジウム29〜32
  • 16:00〜閉会式





  • Scott Obach (Pfizer, USA)
  • An improved approach to P450 reaction phenotyping
  • Chair: Kiyomi Ito (Musashino University, Japan)


  • Emily Scott (University of Michigan, USA)
  • Structures of human P450 drug targets informative in drug design
  • Chair: Kouichi Yoshinari (University of Shizuoka, Japan)


  • Osami Shoji (Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University, Japan)
  • Biotransformation of non-native substrates by cytochrome P450s utilizing their substrate misrecognition triggered by decoy molecules
  • Chair: Shingo Nagano (Tottori University, Japan)


Remembering Tsuneo Omura: A beloved mentor and a leader in cytochrome P450 and biochemistry

Chairs: Masahiko Negishi (NIEHS/NIH, USA),
Yasushi Yamazoe (Tohoku University, Japan)


  • 1. F. Peter Guengerich (Vanderbilt University, USA)
  • Mechanisms and kinetics of P450s involved in steroid oxidations
  • 2. Bon-Chu Chung (Academia Sinica/China Medical University, Taiwan)
  • Steroidogenic cytochromes P450 and beyond
  • 3. Ulrich M Zanger (Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Germany)
  • About a marathon in P450 pharmacogenetics.
  • 4. Ken-ichirou Morohashi (Graduate School of Medicine, Kurume University, Kurume, Japan)
  • Is Ad4BP almighty?


  1. Case study on human disproportionate metabolite and its prediction
  2. Frontiers of drug metabolism/toxicity studies using novel in vitro and in silico evaluation systems
  3. Application of biomarkers for prediction of drug metabolism and toxicity, and diagnosis
  4. Current trends in the establishment and implementation of new regulatory guidelines related to pharmacokinetics
  5. Use and regulation of biomarkers in drug development
  6. Rising to the challenge: First-in-human dose determination of new therapeutic modalities
  7. Future perspectives in transporter-driven drug development
  8. Single-cell analytical techniques to visualize detailed pharmacokinetics
  9. DDS development strategies for the creation of innovative drugs
  10. Drug absorption from zero: Keys to successful PBPK modeling and simulation of oral drug absorption
  11. Lymphatic and glymphatic system from a perspective of drug development and clinical therapeutics
  12. Comprehension of the present and future of systems modeling in drug discovery -Bridging from the traditional model analysis to the latest research-
  13. Recent trends in MPS development and its applications to drug discovery ―What is happening toward industrial implementation and regulatory acceptance in Japan? ―"
  14. Basic course of pharmacokinetics on cross-disciplinary
  15. Animal models to predict drug metabolism and toxicity in human
  16. Advance technologies in DMPK research for drug development (IQ consortium symposium)
  17. Neonicotinoids and P450: Metabolism of neonicotinoids in insects, fungi, vertebrates, and humans
  18. Phase II reaction: its physiological and toxicological functions
  19. Biophysical techniques for P450 studies
  20. P450 across the plant, insect, and microbial systems
  21. New horizons in nuclear receptor research: Novel molecular mechanisms and beyond
  22. The power of metalloenzymes: Insights from model complexes and beyond
  23. Innovations in P450 engineering: Recent advances and future directions
  24. Mechanisms and dynamics of P450
  25. Structure and chemistry of the P450 system
  26. Beyond bone health: Development of novel vitamin D derivatives and vitamin D hydroxylases
  27. Oxygenase in natural product biosynthesis
  28. Breaking down boundaries: Exploring non-P450 oxygenase
  29. Sustainability, biomarker, and bioremediation: The role of cytochrome P450
  30. P450, ADMET, and AI
  31. JSSX-organized Asia-pacific symposium #1: Drug oxidation and metabolism in pharmacology/toxicology
  32. JSSX-organized Asia-pacific symposium #2: Drug transporter research in Asia-Pacific
  33. JSSX awardee presentation